Riyada line from Zain

The new Postpaid line has exciting packages with features specifically designed for entrepreneurs and corporate companies that empower them to achieve their unlimited connection with their staff, contribute to increasing their productivity as it covers the basic communication needs between staff and community.

With "Riyada bundles" you ensure the continuity of communication between your employees while controlling their spend easily and more efficiently.

Riyada bundles features

  • Free monthly packages: Get free monthly bundles from “Riyada” including minutes and SMSs within and outside the network in addition to free Internet and with the fixed monthly fee you can use these features with your family, relatives, and friends.
  • Free unlimited calls and messages between employees of the same company.
  • Best calling rates within Zain and other local networks.
  • A bouquet of Internet bundles that fulfill your needs and requirements.
  • Enjoy various services which include Internet service, MMS service, Bill payment through top-up, Blackberry service, service MissU in addition to many other great services.

Bill payment for “Riyada bundles” as follows:

  • Contacting the account manager in charge (cash or cheque).
  • Visiting a central Zain store (cash).

Direct payment using scratch cards through one of below:

  • Zain official website.
  • Zain Iraq application.
  • Zain Cash service and application.
  • Sending SMS containing the 16 voucher card numbers to No. 2015.
  • By the Shortcode number:

Postpaid bundles

Monthly fixed fee bundles include a package of minutes, SMS, and Internet.

  Package 10 Package 30 Package 60 Package 100 Package 500
Monthly fee in IQD 10,000 30,000 60,000 100,000 500,000
Local minutes
( Onnet & Offnet )
0 350 900 1,500 Unlimited
Local SMS
( Onnet & Offnet )
0 500 1,500 3,000 Unlimited
Internet Units 250MB 3GB 5GB 10 GB Unlimited
Local minutes
( Onnet only )
100 0 0 0 0


*Term & Conditions Applied.

Once consuming the free units of bundles the tariff will be unified to 1.5 IQD per second for the local calls and 35 IQD per SMS for the local SMSs within all networks. International, Roaming and Internet service as per standard tariff.

  • To check the remaining balance of the free resources please dial *390#.

Multiple options allow the subscriber to decide which package fits their lifestyle.

Each bundle has different features that meet basic needs to connect, browse the Internet or texting message without any additional cost.

For More Information:

  • Send mail to Business.Care@iq.zain.com.
  • For Zain customers: Dial 307, the dedicated corporate line of our 24/7 customer care.
  • For Non-Zain customers: Dial 07802999307, the dedicated corporate line of our 24/7 customer care.
  • Visit any of Zain main shops