Bill payment

Now pay your bill online through recharge cards


via our main shops or direct payment to Zain account manager

Wireless transfer:

to Zain IQ bank account

Starting from August 1, 2015, 20% Sales tax is applied on top of all postpaid bills.

Bill Payment service through recharge cards

Zain Iraq presents a new service to post-paid customers to facilitate bill payment at any time without waiting for bill generation. The customer now can pay the monthly bill by using recharge cards available in the market. This service is developed to suit the customer needs in addition to the normal (cash or cheque) methods of payment. 

Service Details:

  • Postpaid customers will be able to pay monthly bill anytime without waiting for bill generation and also able to remove line blocked because of monthly usage limit, now there is no need to visit Zain shops to reconnect line and no matter if the customer is inside Iraq or while roaming so the customer will enjoy the choice of more calls, SMS usage, and other services.
  • The customer can use this service through top-up by using physical /Electronic vouchers available in the market. 
  • This service is available with one of the below channels for payment:
    1. By using USSD
    2. Online payment through Zain IQ website, to pay press here
      Note: (You can use the channels mentioned above Inside Zain network or while roaming)

    3. New method of online bill payment via “Zain Cash” service. For more details click here

    4. By sending the 16 digits of recharge card in SMS to the number 2015.
  •  The customer will be notified in an SMS after successful recharging and top up amount will be settled from the total amount that must be paid by the customer.
  • In case the customer settlement exceeds the bill and there is no due anymore, the remaining amount will be considered as an advanced payment; giving the customer the option to avoid line disconnection and the choice of more usage while roaming.
  • The customers can check their bill details (previous bill amount, usage of the current month amount & total bill amount) through sending "Balance" to 2014 or dialing *308#.
  • For corporates, you can contact your key account manager for bill payment.