Business Solutions

Zain M2M solutions

Zain M2M provides real time access and data acquisition from any machine located in any remote area. It’s a machine-to-machine application that might require a static IP and involves a preset data transfer volume over the mobile network.

Voice Connectivity

Voice connectivity service allows companies to contact their customers and employees by connecting Companies’ voice systems (e.g. PBX, IVR, Call Centers, etc.) through Zain Iraq network. So the companies will be able to communicate with its customers and employees outside premises through Zain Iraq network easily, efficiently and at the best price, this will provide companies easier way of external voice communication so increase work productivity and reduce costs.

Short Code

Zain's short number service allows business owners, government and private organizations to easily and professional communication with their customers, you can choose a specific number for your company and this service can support in various purpose including customer service center, telesales contact number, etc…

Bulk SMS advertising service on Zain Network

This service is an excellent choice to promote their products, offers and services with the best price and fastest speed, also they can choose the method of messaging service either through Zain directly or through a specific link which gives the company the possibility of sending SMS from their work place anytime and anywhere inside Iraq.