GSM Guide: 5 Power Tips to Unlock the Most Valuable Uses of Your Smartphone

May 10, 2018



With just a bit of effort, you can save plenty of money, time, and heartache while using your smartphone. In this easy-to-use GSM guide, you will learn five power tips to get the most out of your mobile device – whether it is an Android phone, Windows phone or an iPhone:

1. Use your mobile device as a wireless hotspot

Did you know that you can use your smartphone as a wireless hotspot? Also known as wireless tethering, the mobile hotspot is a feature that allows you to share the data connection of your phone with other Wi-Fi devices.

After turning on the tethering of your smartphone, any device with a wireless connection may connect to the internet through your phone’s internet connection. Today, almost all smartphones already support tethering, including Android phones, iPhones and Windows phones.

Depending on your carrier and postpaid plan, you might use your smartphone’s hotspot feature at little to no extra charge. But to avoid being shocked by a high phone plan bill, you must ask your carrier about this.

2. Download useful apps

With the rise of advanced technology, creating a mobile app has become a lot easier. As such, you can see plenty of similar apps that you can download for free or at a reasonable price. Generally, here are some of the apps you should have on your phone today:

To-Do List Apps

  • The key to an organized life is to have to-do list apps on your phone. It allows you to create a list of everything you need to accomplish in a day, week or month. All you have to do is to choose several tasks every day and add them to your calendar.
    For instance, there are apps that allow you to record what groceries you are running low on and what you must buy on a regular basis. This way, you do not have to write paper grocery lists, which can be harder to track. These apps also sort the items into different categories to make grocery shopping a breeze.
  • Aside from that, there are also project management apps that you can use to stay organized with to-do lists, schedules of different endeavors, and due dates. The best thing about these apps is that they allow you to sync information between your phone, tablet and computer. This way, you can either finish up old tasks or start a new project anywhere and anytime.
  • If you are a parent who needs to keep track of each family member’s schedule, you can get a bit disorganized. Good thing your phone can save you! There are apps you can download that allow you to oversee the individual appointments, chores and activities of each family member so you won’t miss your child’s talent show or soccer game again.

Social Media Apps

Social media is so persuasive in today’s society, but they are not used solely for communicating with other people. Entrepreneurs, for instance, are using these apps to promote their products and services. Bloggers and travelers use them to showcase their new discoveries and travel destinations so other people can try or visit them as well.

Furthermore, social media app developers have included different forms of entertainment to engage more people. Examples of these apps are Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

3. Back up your files online

Never leave the fate of your files (be they photos, music or documents) to chance with manual backups. You have to set your smartphone to back up important content online. This way, you will not lose memories and documents when your phone is stolen or lost.

Today, there are plenty of mobile data backup apps to use, including Dropbox, Google Drive and Zain Safe. This will allow you to retrieve any file you need anywhere and back them up when your phone suddenly crashes.

Remember that bugs can happen when you least expect it. Even when you think you have backed up your data, everything can be lost in an instant. So apart from saving your files on your phone, you can also back them up on your computer and online.

4. Be aware of the shortcuts

Things can be done a lot easier and faster – it is just a matter of knowing and memorizing the required punches, long-presses or swipes for your phone.

If, for instance, you are using an iPhone, swiping up from the bottom edge will bring up quick settings, or double tapping the home button will bring up the recent apps list.

But if you have an Android phone, shortcuts can be trickier because every phone has its own software tweaks and button layout.

Discover hidden functions by double-tapping or long-pressing each of the main navigation buttons.

5. Multitask with your smartphone

There are plenty of productive things that you can do with your smartphone while making phone conversations. These include scanning the news, checking the weather forecast, and reviewing your schedule. You can accomplish several things with your phone.

Furthermore, you can work while on the go; for example, you can use your phone while you are on the plane. Just make sure to buy wireless internet access.

Zain’s In Flight Roaming services, for instance, will allow you to send SMS, make voice calls or use the internet on the plane during flight. With the on-screen keyboard of your smartphone in landscape view, you can do some blogging, brainstorming, or use mind-mapping to create plans for your upcoming projects. You will be surprised at how quickly you can accomplish these things using your thumbs.

A smartphone is indeed one of the most important devices that can help ease your life today. There is so much you can do with it. You just have to know how to unlock these valuable uses to make your daily life better and happier.

Here at Zain, we can help you choose the best mobile device and phone plan that suit your lifestyle and budget.