Zain Tammini

Exclusive, for Zain Iraq subscribers, your children are safe now where you can know where they are (location) by receiving notifications at the moment when they are in and out of school or any other place you locate on the map.

This service has been stopped


From another side, this application presents a new way for the ideal usage of Smartphones by children, by:

  • Spotting the applications they use and time of usage with a privilege of closing these applications permanently or for a temporary time while studying.
  • Observing the websites they visit.
  • Erase all the info on the phone if stolen or lost.

How to subscribe and use the app:

  • Send 1 to 4025 and you’ll receive a message including the download link, Username & password.
  • You’ll get a free week of subscription for the 5 devices bundle.
  • Install the app on your phone and your child’s phone, follow the instructions and the two devices will be linked together at once.
  • You can link 5 devices at a time and divide them as you want (supervisor and 4 children or 2 supervisors and 3 children etc.).
  • After the free subscription reaches the end, the offer will be renewed with a weekly fee of 900 IQD for the 5 devices bundle.
  • To promote the bundle to 10 devices, you can send 1 again to 4025 (it’s not included in the free period).
  • To unsubscribe, send 0 to 4025 and you’ll unsubscribe from the 5 devices bundle.
  • If you have the 10 devices bundle, please send 0 twice to 4015 to unsubscribe.

The Application is Available for Android devices now and will be soon for iOS devices.

You can download the application from any of the links below (Zain Souk):



For more information, please call customer service on the number 107.