Zain Iraq Continues its Efforts in Achieving its Vision of Diversity and Inclusion by 2022

October 26, 2020
  • Promoting inclusion, gender equality processes, and providing support and opportunities for young people

As part of its efforts to achieve its vision of diversity and inclusion by the year 2022, and in line with Zain Group, Zain Iraq, the leading mobile telecom innovator in eight markets across the Middle East and Africa, launched a variety of initiatives and programs topping the company's strategic priorities aiming to promote innovation, creativity, and communication among its staff and the society at large in the markets in which it operates.

This step, in line with the vision of Zain Group, which began its journey to achieve diversity and inclusion years ago, dedicates its efforts to achieve a culture of integration and inclusiveness.

In this regard, Zain Iraq CEO Ali Al-Zahid said, “Zain Iraq believes in the importance of achieving diversity and inclusion. As such, we have launched several programs, including a reverse mentoring program that brings together younger employees and executives to guide them in various professional topics. We are certain that this will achieve important results for the organization at all levels."

Zain has launched the WE ABLE initiative aimed at people with special needs, with the aim of promoting integrations in its business areas. This initiative finds full support from the leadership of the Zain Group, which has set its public vision.

In line with the "Gender Diversity and Inclusion" program adopted by Zain Iraq, with the main goal of integrating people with special needs, the aim is to achieve an increase in the number of people with special needs among Zain's workforce by the year 2022, ensure that all training programs are inclusive of them by the year 2022, ensure availability and simplicity for them at the level of all buildings and divisions of the Group, and finally identifying innovative and assisting technologies that will enable them more to join Zain, achieve success, and career development.

Zain Iraq continues its WE initiatives that include operations aiming to achieve gender equality, by enhancing female opportunities by 25% in assuming leadership positions by 2022. The company has implemented several strategic initiatives that focus on achieving this goal. Since the start of the program, the "WE" team consisted of 42 ambassadors of both genders.

This initiative is part of Zain's strategy and belief that supporting gender diversity creates competitive differentiation and accelerates its strategic ambitions in unleashing tremendous growth opportunities in the digital arena. Zain seeks to increase female leadership positions from 14.5% to 25% by 2022, by spreading awareness, increasing motivation, and full realization in the work environment culture.

Zain Iraq continues its efforts in undertaking initiatives and projects within the framework of the Zainiac platform as well, which is an internal electronic platform for all Zain employees, through which they share, exchange ideas, and create solutions with the aim of stimulating creativity within the organization, forming interactive groups, and providing the company employees with the ability to communicate, cooperate and improve performance.

This online platform aims to enhance creativity among employees and stimulate the start of new businesses. The company has organized several workshops for the emerging ideas and initiatives provided by the Zainiac interactive online platform, in cooperation with global partners and mentors who focus on establishing and developing these ideas and assisting them in their practical and commercial launch, and then these ideas are submitted for presentation to the senior executive management in the group for study and evaluation of their business model.

On the other hand, the ZY Youth Empowerment Program is a practical translation of Zain's vision and belief in the pivotal role of young women and men in achieving sustainable development, and the need to invest in young minds, which would bring about a new age that leads to a better future for Iraq. This program contributes to establishing a highly qualified youth generation prepared to enter the labor market and strengthening the patriotism of young people by involving them in community service initiatives.

The younger generation makes up half of the Iraqi population and is the hope for the future. As such, Zain Iraq launched the ZY Youth Empowerment Program, with the aim of overcoming the difficulties faced by Iraqi youth, providing an umbrella for all youth projects, and providing the promising youngsters with access to resources that allow them to grow, prosper and keep pace with the rapidly changing world.