Zain-Fi 4G-LTE

Power of sharing high-speed internet.. Anytime.. Anywhere

Get the new Zain-Fi 4G-LTE device and enjoy high-speed internet with the strongest 4G network in Iraq from Zain at 79,000 IQD with a gift of free credit 40,000 IQD to subscribe with Monthly Unlimited 4G-LTE offer , for more details about it click here

Power of sharing high-speed internet.. .. Anytime.. Anywhere
No. of users 10
Cost 79,000 IQD
Free offer Initial credit of 40,000 IQD
Screen type Colored LCD

- To purchase the device, please visit Zain Main Shops or Point of Sales

- To get the high speed, make sure of the 4G-LTE network coverage

Controlling Zain-Fi device and subscribing to Internet offers

  • Enter to the user interface of Zain-fi device by using the link knowing that the default password for the interface is zain and it can be changed later

Or you can also enter to the user interface for Zain-Fi device through (Zain Iraq) application, which you can download from Apple Store or Google Play

  • To get the free credit 40,000 IQD as a gift, check the credit from the user interface by pressing (My balance)
  • You can also know the details of the other special internet offers and subscribe through sending 100 to 21777

For more info, please refer to the user guide attached with the device package

To know the number and change SIM language:

  1. Call the free number *273# and follow the instructions
  2. Or, to know the number send رقمي  or My number orژمار ه كه م  to 21777 and for changing the SIM language, send  عربيor English or كوردي to 21777
  3. You can also know the number by entering to the user interface