Zain Cash Electronic Payment Service Is Launched Through Zain Network

December 31, 2015

Zain Iraq, the leading telecommunications, and data transfer services provider, announced launching Zain Cash on its network in cooperation with Iraq Wallet Company of electronic financial services after being officially licensed by the Iraqi Central Bank (ICB) to provide electronic payment services.

Zain Cash will enable the subscribers to this service to transfer and receive money inside Iraq through Zain network. It is the first unique kind of service in Iraq. This leading and advanced service is activated through mobile phones through which money can be transferred to a mobile wallet. Subscribers will also be able to utilize this unique service to send and receive money inside Iraq, reload their mobile phones and pay bills on Zain network quickly and easily at any time.

This special service is part of the technological development breakthrough that accompanies the third generation post era. A highly qualified team of specialists and local and international partners designed every single detail of this service to meet the buyer’s needs and provide the utmost financial flexibility in order to ensure maximum facilitation of everyday transactions. The provided service has a great amount of flexibility and safety with regard to money as in the other markets.

The company has trained many of its Customer Service teams and agents and provided outlets and several new Zain Cash selling points which will be more than (1200) points according to the plan of action adopted to meet the needs of the subscribers to this service. The subscription to this service is free of charge and can be done by referring to the closest reliable service center, contacting (*210#) and following the instructions or sending (registration) via a text message to (2100).

It is worth mentioning here that the new Zain Cash service which has been provided by the company lately will also enable the companies to pay and transfer salaries effectively and safely in Iraq. The service has been announced to the companies and parties contracting with Zain Iraq. The service is subject to safe international regulations and protocols and is under the supervision of the ICB which has specified the operational and administrative framework of these services within the objective of ICB to establish regulations and laws that are compatible with the international criteria and enhance the confidence in economy through safe environment, intact system and competitiveness accessible to all. This was confirmed by ICB on many occasions. Furthermore, Zain Cash is subject to the specific procedures of the safe financial transactions all over the world. The service provides the users with full safety and complete smoothness of money receive and transfer in any place in Iraq in just a few seconds under the supervision of highly trained and specialized team.