Business Dwali

Business Int’l (DWALI) line from Zain offers company owners significant advantages that meet their needs through providing free international minutes monthly and free calls for employees within the same company, and much more.

Business Int’l (DWALI) Line advantages:

  • For free 90 international minutes added every month for international calls all over the world. To check your balance of the free international minutes, through dialing short number (*372#) freely.
  • Free calls among employee within the same company.
  • Best prices for calling Zain and other local networks.
  • Fixed monthly amount to be paid by the company owner.
  • Enjoy a variety of services including GPRS, MMS, Bill Payment using recharge cards service, BlackBerry, Zain Miss U and other attractive services.


Sim Price Free
Local calls Calls (within same company members) Free up to 2,000 minutes per month*
Calls to Zain lines IQD 1.75 /Sec
Calls to other Local networks IQD 1.75 /Sec
Local SMS SMS to Zain lines IQD 25 /SMS (8AM-12AM)
IQD 12 /SMS (12AM-8AM)
SMS to other networks IQD 50 /SMS
International Calls Calls to International Destinations First 90 Int’l minutes are free.
Subsequent calls rate is at IQD 350/Min
International SMS** SMS to International Destinations IQD 150 /SMS
Monthly Fee IQD 20,000 /Line

* In case customer uses all free units assigned to call same company members (2,000 Min), call charges same as local calls (within Zain network) will apply: IQD 1.75/ Sec.

Also its possible for the customer to check current usage of the free minutes (assigned to be used within the same company), by dialing free short code of (*374#).

** The price of one SMS to Thuraya Is 300 IQD


Customers with Business Int’l DWALI line have the choice to select one of 2 options of deposit based on their needs:

  Local and International Local, International and Roaming
Option A IQD 90,000 IQD 180,000
Option B IQD 150,000 IQD 300,000
  • To enjoy free international calling service customer must ensure not to exceed monthly credit limit assigned for the line.
  • In case the customer going to be barred because of no payment, or reach the monthly credit limit assign for Usage-International service will be blocked for the customer and will not be able to use the free international minutes even still have remaining free minutes.

For More Information :

  • Send mail to
  • For Zain customers: Dial 307, the dedicated corporate line of our 24/7 customer care.
  • For Non-Zain customers: Dial 07802999307, the dedicated corporate line of our 24/7 customer care.
  • Visit any of Zain main shops.