MissU Service

This service was designed for Zain Iraq customers to enable them to control incoming calls when their mobiles are switched off or busy or out of the coverage area. A notification SMS will be delivered to enable you to know the number of the missed calls and the numbers of the callers along with the date and time of calling.


The SMS will be delivered to the caller in case he/she is our network customer informing him/her of your availability.

To subscribe to the Zain MissU service:

  • This service is a free gift from Zain and any charge will not be considered, not even for the notification SMS of the missed calls.
  • To activate the service or to change the language send an SMS to 2023 which includes 1 for Arabic or 2 for English or 3 for Kurdish.
  • Receiving Missed U SMSs can be held by sending an SMS to 2023 which includes 0.