Besinoor line (Erbil and Duhok)

Enjoy the features of Besinoor (Erbil and Duhok). The best line in Kurdistan

Talk for free within Zain and use internet up to 1.2 GB for a month inside Erbil and Duhok.

Starting from (1st of April 2018) Besinoor customers will be able to renew line features of minutes and internet (250 minutes within Zain and 40 MB) on daily basis after recharging with the available recharge cards as mentioned below:

Denomination Minutes and Internet Validity Main Account Validity
5,000 IQD* Will not be added in case of recharging one time within 24 hours 30 Days
30 Days in case of recharging twice or more within 24 hours
10,000 IQD 30 Days 60 Days
15,000 IQD 45 Days 60 Days
25,000 IQD 60 Days 60 Days
35,000 - 100,000 IQD 60 Days 140 Days

*In case of recharging with a recharge card of 5,000 IQD for one time only within 24 hours, the daily minutes and internet will not be added… as it will be added after the 2nd recharge of 5,000 IQD within 24 hours from the first recharge time and with a 30 days validity.

Also, existing customers will keep enjoying the daily minutes and internet till the end of current validity and can benefit again from the daily minutes and internet after recharging and depending on what was mentioned in the table above.

Line Advantages

  • The line includes 500 IQD as initial free credit (The initial credit will be added after making 1st recharge with 5,000 IQDor more).
  • Free on-net calls (250 minutes) daily.
  • Free internet usage (40 MB) daily.
  • Best prices for other local operators calls (IQD 1.5 / Sec).
  • In addition to the above advantages, the credit that will be recharged can be used for making calls and sending SMSs to all local and international networks.
  • Balance transfer service is not available from Besinoor line, but the customer can receive balance from another line only.
  • "Choose your credit validity" service: Besinoor customers are benefiting from “Choose your credit validity” service as mentioned below for the special pricing of the service:
Added Value Daily (1 Day) Weekly (7 Days) Monthly (30 Days) Yearly (365 Days)
Validity Cost 300 IQD 2,000 IQD 7,000 IQD 70,000 IQD

To extend the credit validity:

  • Dial *230#, then press 1 to confirm.
  • Or send an empty SMS to 2130.

Note: in case the customer extends his/her line validity by "Choose your credit validity" service, they will not get extra days on the minutes and internet bundle for Besinnor line.

Based on the Communication and media commission rules and instructions, your line will be suspended in case of no use for at least one time during 90 days.


Inside City
Call to zain lines Free*
Internet usage Free*
Call to other local networks 1.5 IQD /Sec
SMS to Zain Lines 50 IQD /SMS
SMS to other Local networks 50 IQD /SMS
International Calls Start at 259 IQD /Minute
International SMS 150 IQD /SMS (All Day)

* Fair Usage Policy will be applied (250 free on-net minutes and 40 MB as maximum daily limits) and in case customer exceeds the limit allowed for on-net calls and usage of Internet, the below prices will be applied:

Call to zain lines 1.5 IQD /Sec
Usage of GPRS 6 IQD /10 KB

Below prices for Besinoor will be applied outside (Erbil and Dohuk):

Call to zain lines 2 IQD /Sec
Call to other local networks 3.9 IQD /Sec

The selling of Besinoor line has been stopped starting from 6th of February 2017, knowing that all Besinoor customers who activated before the mentioned date will keep benefit from Besinoor line’s offers from inside (Erbil and Duhok), and for any Besinoor line that will be activated (after the mentioned date), the customer will get benefit of Zorbasha line’s features from inside Kurdistan.

For more information about Zorbasha line press here.

For more details please call contact center on 107 or visit one of Zain's main shops or authorized points of sale.

Zain company is entitled to change the terms and conditions of this offer