Vanity Number

Now all Zain Iraq subscribers can participate in the vanity number draw with a very simple cost instead of paying the price of the line

We are pleased to announce that our subscribers now have a chance to win a special number from Zain. Please find the details below:

  • Subscribers can enter the draw for special number 07833333330 by sending 1 to (2049) via SMS.
  • Upon sending the text message, subscribers will receive a text message confirming their entry into the draw and informing them that they can keep texting 1 to the same number for a higher chance of winning
  • Users can then increase their chances of winning by texting 1 to the same number (2049) multiple times
  • This contest is held in both languages, Arabic and Kurdish
  • The subscribers will receive greeting message in the same language of their SIM card.
  • Each text message incurs a charge of 500 Iraqi Dinars
  • Participants will be informed of the draw date.