Towards a Beautiful Cultural Visage .. Zain Rehab VIP Lounge in Baghdad Airport

February 16, 2015

Minister of Transport, Mr. Baqir Jabur Solagh Al Zubeidi, inaugurated the VIP lounge in Baghdad Airport. The lounge was rehabilitated by Zain Iraq to meet the passengers, VIPs and businessmen requirements. Being one of the pioneering Zain Group operators in the Middle East and North Africa, Zain Iraq actively participates in promoting the local community according to a deliberate strategy in order to generate a constructive working environment through the various services given to social and professional segments. The result of the cooperation with the Iraqi Airways was the VIP lounge which hopefully goes with the national open-door orientation, encourages investments Mr. Prime Minister Hayder Al Abadi called for.

Transport Minister thanked Zain for this initiative and said: “ I am pleased along with other officials in the Ministry to open this tourist center of the VIP lounge thankfully given by Zain Iraq in order to render service available to IA passengers”.

Worth noting that the new visage of the VIP lounge was planned to give more comfort to passengers on board of IA, Arab or world airliners. New designs, internet and communication systems provided by Zain engineering teams were to enable businessmen to achieve their work while at the airport. Zain which recently launched 3G did not hesitate to make this center linked with the rest of the world through the 3G apps available to all Iraqis all over the country.