Tennis Academy Championship

April 20, 2014

Within the Iraq open court competitions, the Tennis Academy held its event on Mansour Hotel courts and participating teams were those of Iraq, and Tennis Federations of Kerballa, Kirkuk, Mousel, Basrah and Diyala. The competitions attracted some government and athletic figures and ended with the Army Club scoring the first in singles with both of its players Ali Kheiri and Akram Mustafa. The players whose ages ranged between 18 -45 years revealed promising individual skills that may qualify them to participate in bigger events. M'aath Asem and Ahmed Hadi of the Hunting Club gained the second position. All winners were honored by the Academy and Zain.

The significance of the championship lies in the possibility of disseminating it although it is not as popular as football. It requires special courts, foreign coaches, and training to add to the local expertise and raise it to international levels. The organizers praised the event in signaling out the good players with professional dye.

Worth noting that Zain Iraq company has given its exclusive sponsorship to this championship to promote the youth and athletic movement in the country.