SocialBaker : Zain Iraq page hits %100 in Q. 3

December 09, 2014

International SocialBaker, specialized in classifying social media pages, announced that Zain Iraq Facebook page scored %100 communication with its fans at the end of the 3rd quarter of 2014. SocialBaker relies on certain categories that attend to activity per page, the number of subscribers, classification of each page according to the number of fans on Facebook or number of fans per country as well as the percentage of communication with subscribers.

Being one of the most salient brands, Zain Iraq considerably manipulates Facebook and Twitter to communicate with subscribers and currently it interacts with 2.7 million persons through social media and has 2.2 million fans on Facebook in Arabic, 99700 on Twitter in addition to 300 000 fans in Kurdish, 79 000 on Sam3any service page and also 3600 on Instagram and LinkedIn since the installation of the corporate pages in 2011.

In this regard, Zain Iraq director of Corporate Communications Mr. Hayder Akab said that "the classification reflects the pioneering position of Zain Iraq who was the first to manipulate the social media to communicate with subscribers and dedicate a marketing space for interaction, response-giving, brand-promoting, corporate-awareness disseminating and CSR and sustainable projects declaring ". He also added that " Zain presence on these networks mostly serves the slogan adhered to by the company of (Beautiful World). This slogan has turned out to be a commitment to creating a unique and developed experience for all our customers. And Zain, it goes without saying, depends on a strategic vision that focuses on customers in every step taken in order to develop communications and services. Zain, in other words, derives its uniqueness from understanding the customers through communicating with them on various levels such as the call center, the ROSs, and the Social Media outlets.

Zain Iraq Facebook page, worth saying, won the highest score of fans and the highest response percentage according to statistics disseminated by SocialBaker in 2014. This is the first achievement in the history of this institution to realize the full score. SocialBaker confirmed that Zain Iraq achievement will be a case study to be considered by companies who communicate with their customers through Social Media pages.