Sadeem App

The purpose of this application is to build a new and educated generation towards a prosperous future where parents can follow up their children during their academic career, knowing all their details, follow their scientific level And to make the most use of the modern communication technologies in the field of education, which contribute to the formation of continuous communication between the parents of the student and the management of the school through sophisticated digital technology

The main services provided by the application

  • Application notifications: This function allows the communication between the family and the school instantly in the event of a query about a particular order.
  • Attendance: Follow up the daily attendance of the student.
  • Duties: inform the parents about the duties which are assigned to the students.
  • News: to receive the school news and Ministry of Education notifications to the students and parents.
  • schedules: knowing the daily schedules and examination date and time.
  • Degrees: Follow up and knowing the score of the students.


How to register and get the app

  • The subscriber will receive a notification by SMS after the school registration in the service, the notification contains the username, password, type, and method of subscription. There are two types of subscription (three months) 5,000 IQD and an annual subscription of 20,000 IQD. If there is no received notification, in this case, the parents have to check with the school if it is already one of the registered school in the service.
  • After select the preferred subscription, the parent has to send a message containing the username (obtained by notification in the above point) to (2182) in the case of three months subscription or (2183) in case of the annual subscription.
  • After the successful subscription, the parent will receive a message contains the deducted amount for the selected subscription and activate the account to be ready for log-in and use the application.
  • Download the app from Google Play, Apple Store or Zain Souk.
  • Open the application and enter the username and password (obtained by notification in the above point) to use the application.
  • The service is not renewed automatically after ending of the selected subscription period so to renew the subscription please send a message containing the same username too (2182) in the three months’ subscription or (2183) in the case of an annual subscription.
  • This service is available in the following provinces of Baghdad, Basra, Dhi Qar, Maysan, Karbala, Najaf and Babylon for time being.

Application available at

For more information please call customer service on the number 107.