Rakmak Bkefak Service

With Rakmak Bkefak Service choose your preferred number freely

Rakmak Bkefak service is a new service which gives you the opportunity to choose your prepaid number that you like.

Line features:

  • Rakmak Bkefak service will provide you with choosing the number you want from a list reach up to 20 different numbers.
  • This service presented free of charge and for a limited period.

How you can you choose your number through Rakmak Bkefak service?

You can choose your preferred number according to the following steps:

  1. When you get your SIM card and activated by the point of sale, call *355# and select the preferred language.
  2. You will have 3 options to choose the line type:
    • Normal Numbers.
    • Special Numbers: (Golden, Golden plus, Platinum, Platinum plus, Diamond, Diamond plus).
    • Proffered Numbers: You can choose the sequence of your number by yourself (This enables you to own your special numbers, for example, that reminds you with your special occasions, number reflect your date of birth, or choose number similar to your previous number).
  3. Select one of the three options above, according to your preference and as follows:
    • When choosing Normal Numbers list: You will receive a message containing a list of numbers reach up to 20 numbers, that you can choose from.
    • When selecting Special Numbers list: Choose the type of special number that you want (Golden, Golden plus, Platinum, Platinum plus, Diamond, Diamond plus) then you will receive a message containing a list of numbers reach up to 20 numbers, that you can choose from.
    • When you want to choose the number and with the specific sequence: Enter the number you want and it will be reserved in the case of a non-user or reserved from someone else (if the number you entered is reserved will receive a message containing a similar number to your request, you can choose from).
  4. Save the code number you wish to choose (for example 3:78XXXXXXXX), so the code of your preferred number here is 3.
  5. Call *356# and enter the code of the number you choose (in case the chosen number is a Special Number, then an extra fee will be applied).
  6. Then select the type of your line, and make sure to deliver the required documents of your identity to the point of sale to register and activate your line service).


Important Information:

  • Rakmak Bkefak service will enable you to choose the Special/Vanity numbers with discounted price as shown in the table below:
Golden 40,000 IQD Example: 78XXAABBCC
Golden plus 80,000 IQD Example: 078XX ABCABC
Platinum 160,000 IQD Example: 78XXXXAAAA
Platinum plus 280,000 IQD Example: 78XXAABBBB
Diamond 800,000 IQD Example: 78XXAAAAAX
Diamond plus 1,600,000 IQD Example: 78XXXAAAAA
  • Make sure to pay 50% or more of the amount of the line within 48 hours to ensure the activation of your special number.
  • you can pay the remaining amount of the line during a period of 15 days and by using recharge cards, as shown in the below (in case of the payment more than the line price amount; the remaining amount will be transferred to your account balance):
  • The customer should complete the process of the choosing the line and the type of line within 48 hours from the date of purchasing the line, in case of choosing the special number and pay an initial fee from line price the customer will not be able to replace his number or retrieve the amount paid.
  • The customer must deliver required documents of identity within 48 hours of selection the line to the point of sale which bought the line from, and otherwise the customer will lose the line.
  • After delivering required documents of your identity the customer will be able to activate the line and enjoy the new different Zain's offers.