Hajj & Umrah Bundles

Stay Connected with Family and Friends through Hajj & Umrah Season

Hajj and Umrah Weekly bundles while roaming with best prices:

  1. Data and Voice Bundle: 500 MB + 25 minutes for calling Zain numbers for 15,000 IQD, for subscription by sending 50 in SMS to 2050.
  2. Data Bundle: 1 GB for 10,000 IQD, for subscription by sending 16 in SMS to 2050.

Also you can subscribe and dedicating the bundles and know the free balance of the bundles by calling the free number *225#

  • Bundles are available for prepaid customers, and for postpaid customers whose roaming service is already activated.
  • Possibility to subscribe more than once at the same time, with the privilege of accumulating the free units and enjoying new validity, (example: if you subscribe in Data & Voice bundle then re-subscribed again in the same/other bundle, the priority will be for consuming from the nearer expiry bundle till consuming its free units or it expires then you start consuming from the newer bundle’s units with longer validity).
  • In case of bundle expiry or consuming all free units, you can re-subscribe again by calling *225# or sending the preferred bundle code in an SMS to 2050.
  • To benefit from bundles, please make sure the (3G) service is active for your line.
  • Normal Roaming charges apply in case of bundle expiry without renewal, or after full consumption of free units.

Bundles’ Dedication:

  1. You can dedicate the Hajj & Umrah weekly roaming bundles to any Zain Iraq prepaid customers, or to postpaid customers having the roaming service active.
  2. Same usage policies and inquiry for eligible countries and free units apply in the same way for the dedicated lines who received the gifted bundles.