Zain Ahlna Line

Enjoy calls with the best price to Zain network (1 dinar per second) in addition to the most suitable price to other networks inside your city (Salah Al-Deen, Kirkuk, Nineveh and Diyala).

Line advantages:

  • The line includes IQD 500 as initial free credit (The initial credit will be added after making 1st recharge with IQD 5,000 or more).
  • 100 free local SMS within Zain.
  • Free subscription to a package of entertainment services valid for one month upon subscription.
  • Free 50MB for GPRS usage after topping up with IQD 5,000 or more, for subscription send 7 to 21777 (your device should support GPRS service).


You will be able to enjoy discounted prices when making calls within (Salah Al-Deen, Kirkuk, Nineveh and Diyala) to any local network inside Iraq.

Inside City
Calls to Zain Lines IQD 1 / Sec
Calls to other local networks IQD 2 / Sec

When making calls from outside the city the below prices will be applied

Outside City 6 AM-12 AM 12 AM -6 AM 
Calls to Zain Lines IQD 2 / Sec
(till 180 Sec call duration)
 IQD 1 / Sec
IQD 1 / Sec for the rest of the call  
Calls to other local networks IQD 3.9 / Sec
Prices of other Services
SMS to Zain Lines IQD 50 / SMS 
SMS to other local networks IQD 60 /SMS
International SMS* IQD 150 /SMS
International Calls Start at IQD 295 /Min
GPRS service IQD 6 / 10 KB
Local MMS IQD 120 /MMS
International MMS IQD 300 /MMS

* The price of one SMS to Thuraya Is 300 IQD


Top Up and Validity:

Below validities will be applied after doing a top up with various of RCs:

Denomination Validity
IQD 5,000 25 days
IQD 10,000 50 days
IQD 15,000 150 days
IQD 25,000 150 days
IQD 35,000 180 days
IQD 50,000 180 days
IQD 100,000 180 days


For more details please call contact center on 107 or visit one of Zain's main shops or authorized points of sale.


Zain company is entitled to change the terms and conditions of this offer