NABED application

The first health application of its kind in Iraq that accompanies you in various stages in order to be able to control the disease and improve your lifestyle, as it provides you with guidelines for rapid recovery from various surgeries. NABED application is diverse, easy to use and carefully designed to be your daily health guide.

Service details:

  • The application is available for free on (Google Play & App Store)
  • The subscriber must log in to the application through e-mail or Facebook account.
  • Subscribe directly from the app by choosing to pay via Zain and enter the phone number.
  • You will receive confirmation SMS contain PIN code, please to enter the PIN code to confirm the subscription process.
  • The subscriber can enjoy the benefits of the application by simply choosing the areas of interest to determining his/her medical condition
  • The price of subscription to the service is 1250 IQD per week only.
  • The service is available to all prepaid subscribers.
  • To unsubscribe, send 091 to 2400.

you can download the application from the following link at

Application features:

  • The subscriber can determine his/her interests or health status to obtain daily articles dedicated to him/her to enjoy a healthy lifestyle
  • Watch videos that ensure the users is fully prepared for surgery and a quick and successful recovery
  • show the videos that provide comprehensive information on the disease and ways to control them on a daily basis

Put your confidence in NABED and gain the optimal lifestyles!

This service is for the purpose of health awareness, and Zain company doesn't sustain any responsibility for the medical information provided.