Zain Participates in an Awareness Campaign Against Breast CancerZain Participates in an Awareness Campaign Against Breast Cancer

Zain Participates in an Awareness Campaign Against Breast Cancer

October every year is an annual occasion for the breast cancer awareness all over the world as this disease becomes common among women recently.

Many world health organizations have attended this issue in the light of its direct impact on the family. So during October 2006, a world initiative was launched and many sites around the world have taken the pink as an emblem for the breast cancer awareness.

On its part, Zain Iraq has coped with this world campaign through a vital and positive contribution. It cooperated with many women centers and organizations to expand awareness range to include as many women as possible.

A campaign to this effect was launched in the company and all female employees were invited to participates.

An awareness lecture was delivered in this respect by the medical unit, affiliated to the Human Resources and also some breast cancer afflicted women were invited to talk about the risks of the disease and its impact on their families. Many leaflets were distributed to the health centers and Zain ROSs and the campaign was disseminated on Zain social media channels

Zain has expressed wishes for good health to all and confirmed that through its expansive programs of social sustainability, it will not hesitate to procure all success factors to any similar campaigns in order to include the biggest female segment in Iraq. Worth noting that this and other similar campaigns reflect Zain Iraq strategy in focusing on the educational, health and sustainable development on all levels.

We wish good health to all.