Zain Iraq strikes Silver and Gold at the MMA Smarties 2018 In recognition of its innovative solutions in digital advertising

Zain Iraq strikes Silver and Gold at the MMA Smarties 2018 In recognition of its innovative solutions in digital advertising

Baghdad, February 2019: Zain Iraq, part of Zain Group, the leading mobile telecom network provider in the MENA region, yielded two awards – Gold and Silver – at the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) Smarties 2018 MENA award gala in recognition of its innovative solutions provided in digital advertising. This contributed to the success of Y7 prime smart phone launch organized by Huawei in Iraq in collaboration with “Out There Media” and “Media World”.


“We are delighted with this win as it’s a recognition for our success in leading the digital transformation in the country and in our services as well”, said Ali Al Zahid, CEO of Zain Iraq. “We are here as our contribution was critical to the success of Huawei campaign. We will continue to build the future based on a deeper understanding of our customers’ needs and an ability to deliver innovative solutions that promote relevant communication with our target audience”, he added.


“Our win is an extension of our partnering with “Out There Media” and “Media World” to develop the digital advertising services industry and continue the success story that started several years ago," concluded Al Zahid.


The award-winning campaign revolved around the launch of Huawei Y7 Prime in the local market. Zain partnered with “Out There Media” and “Media World” to achieve its goal by micro-targeting the end users. The results exceeded expectations as sales grew by 400% making Y7 Prime one of the most popular smart phones in its category. The campaign reached out to nearly two million users in Arabic and Kurdish, mostly young, using a “micro-targeting at scale” approach with diverse content answering their needs, catering to their tastes according to the insights retrieved from the telco data. Post campaign, Huawei witnessed 51% growth in its market share within the same product-price category and 32% growth in its overall share.


Zain Iraq is one of the most technologically advanced innovative companies in Iraq that is keen to keep abreast with the latest solutions to provide its customers with the relevant and most advanced services to make their life easier and better.

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