Zain Iraq organizes a graduation ceremony honoring top students participating in its training course

Zain Iraq organizes a graduation ceremony honoring top students participating in its training course

In line with its commitment to support and empower Iraqi youth, Zain Iraq, part of Zain Group- the leading mobile telecom network provider in the MENA region –organized a graduation ceremony honoring the top ten students who were part of its training session. Entitled “Mouayasha”, the session engaged students from Baghdad University, Al Nahrayn University and the University of Technology.

This initiative stems from Zain belief in the vital role that the young generation plays in building the local community. A belief embedded in Zain mission and vision and translated into its strategic plans to provide these young talents with the ultimate support and encouragement. This training session aimed at equipping participating talents with the right tools to help them turn their ideas into successful projects.

“This intensive training program is a continuity of Zain ongoing support to the young generation, as we consider this segment to be the backbone of society”, said Ali Al-Zahid, CEO, Zain Iraq. “We launched this initiative last year, enabling the top ten students from select universities to land in the professional environment, getting exposed to real life situations that could happen at the workplace. We understand the main challenge facing this segment: work experience being the first requirement on employers’ list. Add to it the difficulty of applying theories in a practical set-up and the daily challenges. Here comes our key objective behind organizing this session- to help them overcome these obstacles,” added Al-Zahid.

“The program offered 30 top students, both female and male, selected out of Baghdad University, Mustanseriyah University and Al Nahrayn University the opportunity to experience the and perfect their skills in different departments including direct sales, information technology, network, customer service, marketing, analytics and corporate communication. Graduates received certificates and appreciation trophies along with recommendation letters honoring their efforts and performance throughout this session,” Al-Zahid concluded.

“Launched by Zain, this initiative -the first-of-its-kind in Iraq -is the fruit of a collaboration between Zain and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the participating universities, said Dr. Omar Mohammed Naser Al Ashary, xxxx, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. “We are looking forward to celebrate the achievements of this program and witness the students’ success as they are now fully equipped to start their professional careers”.

Zain Iraq believes in its role as a strategic contributor to the development of the education sector in Iraq, through establishing sustainable partnerships between government authorities, higher education organizations and private sector intuitions. These partnerships contribute to design academic programs using digital and technological solutions, thus connecting students with the world and granting them access to explore recent scientific researches. The new initiative is part of Zain continuous support of university activities, including job fairs, summer training programs, sponsorship of scientific conferences, university festivals and events among others.