Zain Iraq launches service is the first of its kind in Iraq

Zain Iraq launches service is the first of its kind in Iraq


  • Enable subscribers to choose their packages of voice call minutes, text messages and Internet offers
  • Try and see “Jarub W Shoof” is a platform to customize offers that meet every prepaid subscribers’ needs

Based on its belief in the importance of the telecommunications sector in the life of every Iraqi, Zain Iraq, a leading telecom innovator in eight markets across the Middle East and Africa, launched a platform by *100# which is the first of its kind in Iraq, specialized in understanding the behavioral patterns of each subscriber in order to provide them with the offers that best fit their needs.

This new service is a practical translation of the vision and strategy of Zain Iraq which is based on the provision of innovative services to all customers by understanding their needs and providing them with all that they aspire for to communicate.

The new platform *100# it’s to service the subscriber directly by choosing the suitable various packages of offers voice calls, text messages and the best Internet packages in Iraq clearly and easily. The program will organize and assemble various offers and services in the form of packages, and the subscriber will view these packages in a systematic and organized manner that suits his/her needs.

The CCO of Zain Iraq Ali Alzahid, commented on the launch of *100# platform saying, "Zain Iraq has always been determined to offer its subscribers new services and modern concepts that fit their daily habits and lifestyles. This new service classifies or categorizes Zain Iraq’s offers and bundles based on subscriber’s individual behaviors and needs. Therefore, this facilitates the subscriber’s ability to choose, while also helping them make better choices. At Zain Iraq, we are keen on keeping our customers up-to-speed with the latest digital solutions and modern technologies in the field of telecommunications. This sector is evolving at accelerated steps, dissolving traditional spatial co-ordinates and bringing the world together in a global village. Zain Iraq operates according to a clear vision and a determination to have Iraq and its people become part of this global village and to attain innovative, easy and accessible means of communication for all. "

Any Zain Iraq subscriber can dial *100# and get access to all the available bundles and offers by Zain Iraq which is displayed in detail according to individual subscribers’ needs.