Zain Iraq launches My School campaign to equip schools with desks and support the educational scene in Iraq

Zain Iraq launches My School campaign to equip schools with desks and support the educational scene in Iraq


As part of its mission to elevate Iraq’s educational scene, Zain Iraq, part of Zain Group, a leading telecom innovator in eight markets across the Middle East and Africa, launched My School campaign which entails equipping schools with students’ desks. The company will be distributing 2300 desks to affected schools in different governorates across Iraq in the hope of restoring normal life in those areas and allowing them to continue their quest towards better education.

My School campaign coincides with the beginning of a new school year, stemming from the company's eagerness to provide support for Iraqi students and uplift their educational realities in Iraq. This is part of the company’s corporate social responsibility adopted by Zain Iraq to fulfill its role as an active member of the local community. Through this membership, the company seeks to serve society and contribute to its growth and development. For that reason, the campaign was inaugurated in the liberated areas of Iraq, and in the Saladin governorate particularly, to move later on to others parts of Iraq.

Commenting on the campaign, Dr. Haider Radi, Chief Commercial Officer of Zain Iraq said, "My school campaign is part of our duty towards our students. We attach particular importance to education and nurturing young generations. We strongly believe that any desirable evolution can only be achieved through the youth, and they remain at the heart of our efforts. For that reason, our corporate social responsibility is to serve Iraqi society lies largely in the development and advancement of the educational sector as well as supporting Iraqi students by all means possible."

Ali Attiya, a member of the local governorate council in Dhi Qar praised the company's efforts "in choosing schools in the Qalat Sukkar area of Dhi Qar governorate and providing them with school desks. These schools’ students were in desperate need of them desks given that they were just about to embark on a new school year."

Majid Abdullah Najim, the director of the teachers' union in the governorate of Saladin also commented saying that My School represents the "unlimited support that the private sector continues to offer, especially Zain Iraq, a pioneer in supporting the educational sector and its development. It continuously strives towards bringing Iraq up to par with developed countries."

He added, "The means of cooperation between the private and public sector, especially when it comes to the educational sector, are good. However, we need continuous support in order to benefit from the experiences of neighboring countries to develop the educational scene in Iraq.

"My school" campaign is part of Zain Iraq’s corporate social responsibility to contribute to building Iraqi society and providing it with all the services that it needs.