Zain Iraq launches Hassa Eliya

Zain Iraq launches Hassa Eliya

As a translation of its plan and vision for the year 2020 as well as its profound belief that the youth are the beating heart of Iraqi society, Zain Iraq, part of Zain Group, a leading telecom innovator in eight markets across the Middle East and Africa, launched Hassa Eliya a program that is specialized in embracing young Iraqi talents, encouraging and supporting them to communicate with the world.

The first project under Hassa Eliya was one of art, dedicated to the Iraqi youth to motivate and inspire them to achieve their dreams. 17 young Iraqi talents participated, preparing what Zain Iraq wanted to serve as a message to the young Iraqi community to encourage them to show their talents and their work to the world, communicating their ideas and aspirations. This project is the first step for Hassa Eliya as a program, through which zain hopes to portray its will and determination to embrace and enable young Iraqi talents in various fields whether it's in music, literature, scientific research, innovation, and technology, hoping to turn their aspirations into a reality. This reality should give the world an idea about the other face of Iraq, the face of ambitious young people who do not give up and refuse to surrender to helplessness. It is the face of inexhaustible creativity that Zain hopes to deliver to all segments of Iraqi society and to the world. It also serves as an invitation to all young people across the country to treat Hassa Eliya as a channel through which they can share their work and ideas.

Ali Zahid, The Chief Commercial Executive at Zain Iraq emphasized the role of Iraqi youth in shaping the future. He said: "It is time that the youth take the lead. Zain Iraq, through its program Hassa Eliya, aims to spread hope among the younger generations and to make them feel that they have the necessary support and means to develop their abilities and talents. After all, this program as an incubator for these young people’s creativity and dreams. It provides them with the opportunity to communicate with the world and to present their ideas and their projects for everyone to see."

Hassa Eliya as a Program depends on innovative methods to stimulate the relationship with the Iraqi Youth. The program has launched a Facebook page that serves as a platform for young Iraqis to voice their ambitions. It also serves as an opportunity for the company to activate its partnership with the youth especially by motivating and enabling them with the necessary tools to help them achieve their goals. This serves as the launch of a new approach and a new language that is in perfect harmony with the needs of young Iraqis. Thus, the program is the beginning of a real and effective partnership between Zain Iraq and the youth, among the youth themselves and between them and the world as a whole. The program will enable them to seize every opportunity offered to them, helping them communicate as they want and aspire to the world. After all the program will continue to cover many areas, including scientific and technical projects as well as entrepreneurial and cultural initiatives.

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