Huawei selects Zain to offer Huawei Cloud in the Middle East

Huawei selects Zain to offer Huawei Cloud in the Middle East

Zain Group, the leading mobile telecom innovator in eight markets across the Middle East and Africa, has been selected by Huawei to become a strategic partner in the offering of ‘Huawei Cloud’ services across the Middle East. An agreement was signed between both parties in the fields of general cloud computing and providing cloud computing services.

Zain Group announced in a press announcement that this collaboration will elevate its operations to the cloud computing age, increase its capabilities in ‘business empowerment’, and position the company as the ideal partner for governmental entities and organizations in the cloud transformation services and support the efforts exerted at launching electronic transformation initiatives.

Bader Nasser Al-Kharafi, Vice Chairman & Group CEO at Zain Group signed the agreement during the strategic summit that took place at the Huawei headquarters in Shanghai, China, heading a group that included presidents of the Group companies and heads of information technology and commercial business. The meetings discussed several mutual projects that include increasing focus on electronic transformation, uniting experiences in spreading 5G technologies, applying flexible solutions in the business sector and smart cities.

Zain clarified that the ‘Growing with Cloud’ concept, which was associated with smart devices and internet of things, gained its importance lately in line with the increased focus on cloud innovation fields and with building electronic platforms, supporting smart operations and enabling companies. The importance of cloud solutions clearly resembles in dealing with the huge volume of data used in these operations.

Zain highlighted that ‘Huawei Cloud’ will enable companies to grow and develop rapidly in the future that is being shaped by cloud computing, where initiatives taken to apply Cloud-based IT solutions in the telecommunication, government, education, oil and gas, healthcare and financial and banking services sectors is set to significantly support their operations. ‘Huawei Cloud’ is a platform that offers converged computing and network suppliers’ services to enhance the infrastructure usage, increase the operational and management efficiency and decrease the IT costs, benefitting the governmental and business organizations and telecom operators from the unprecedented features in terms of storage, flexibility and cost efficiency.

During the signing ceremony, Bader Nasser Al-Kharafi, said: “Nowadays, internet resembles a key component of the infrastructure of any country. Similar to energy and industry sectors, internet has become one of the main income sources for the modern economy. Thus, adopting new technologies is a significant factor for implementing development plans, elevate business performance and encourage competition and innovation.”

“As companies adopt transformation to cloud services, we renew our commitment to stay abreast with the latest technological trends and expand our portfolio in various sectors, through being part in building a cloud platform that caters to the government and business organizations’ needs and helps them overcome their challenges,” added Al-Kharafi.

Al-Kharafi stated that the plans in the pipeline for the business sector is based on Zain’s vision of transforming from an operator providing mobile telecommunication services to a provider of comprehensive services in the fields of IT, innovative services development, internet of things and cloud-based solutions for governments and businesses.

“We look forward to help organizations across the MENA region in their digital transformation through Huawei Cloud”, said Charles Yang, President of Huawei Middle East, “Our collaboration with Zain Group will be of great support to our strategic drive to foster the growth of public cloud services.”

Huawei has launched the concept ‘Grow with the Cloud’ for its cloud services strategy, especially that these solutions enable organizations and telecom operators to achieve the maximum benefit from the cloud computing services in line with the electronic economy variables – which is eyed by major could computing players as Amazon, Google and Microsoft.

Huawei is committed towards supporting businesses and organizations to transform their operational behavior through adopting a more flexible generation of business-enabling systems that provide better electronic services and experience. Leveraging cloud computing services, customers can undergo a total transformation to their information technology infrastructure, enhance business flexibility and achieve a higher value for their clients and all concerned parties.

Through its initiatives, Zain Group is launching its full capabilities in the electronic society and boosting the collaboration within the ICT field on various levels, especially with spreading comprehensive solutions and innovative services for the business sector being a major part of the strategic approach of its operations.

Zain Group is well known of being highly competitive among its peers in the mobile telecommunication industry in the region. It has achieved a notable progress in its efforts to attain unity and synergy in its operations across the Middle East, leveraging the company’s accumulated and various experiences.