Donate Even a Drop of Blood.

Donate Even a Drop of Blood.

Blood Donation Campaign organized by Zain Iraq

Zain Iraq, one of Zain Group pioneering Opcos, has recently organized a blood donation campaign at the main office of the company. The campaign run under the slogan (It is not necessary to be a doctor to save a life) witnessed a huge participation of employees, contractors, and distributors of the company.

The company implemented this campaign in coordination with the Ministry of Health and the Iraqi Blood Bank in order to manipulate these health institutions experience in this respect to encourage as many donors as possible.

Dr. Saad Al Hasani, PR Manager, said " we are an integral part of the local community so partnership and cooperation with this community are the basis of our continuation. We are keen to shoulder social responsibility in support of many of such projects which are characterized by humane, social and developmental impression".

Dr. Hasani also added " This campaign is part of a comprehensive strategy and far-reaching vision of the company to fixate the donation culture for the employees and urge them to participate in building up a healthy society. Each one, therefore, should have a role to reduce the sufferings of others and help them to trespass many of the challenges and difficulties."

It is worthwhile to say that Zain Iraq attends social responsibility, and the current blood donation campaign is only a beginning for the company's employees to get the social ties strongly embedded. This campaign characterized by a huge participation by everyone who wanted to express their preparedness to help others.