Distinguished Presence and Demand on Zain Services in Erbil Fair

Distinguished Presence and Demand on Zain Services in Erbil Fair

Zain Iraq participated in the 9th Session of Erbil Int. Fair last week which is considered a world commercial phenomenon taking into account the 550 companies and more than 20 exhibitors that participated in it. This important Fair is yearly held to present the most updated products and the most advanced technological solutions in order to trigger and develop the trading exchange.

Along with this enormous trading event, the telecoms sector occupies a good space as it exhibits potentialities that facilitate the business world. This explains the increasing visits to Zain Iraq pavilion as it is the pioneering company that has procured outstanding services which quickly cope with the economic development through its upgraded products. This has benefited the local and international investors, businessmen, commerce chambers and international development commissions

Mr. Najervan Barazani, Prime Minister of Kurdistan Region who visited the company's pavilion has confirmed to media that percentage of participation in comparison to last year has developed a lot. This, he said, will reflect positively on developing and rejuvenating the economic movement in Kurdistan Region. He also explained that there is an ambitious plan to have a bigger and more organized Fair in Erbil in future.

On his part, Mr. Wael Ghanayem, CFOO of Zain Iraq, said that his company is interested in Kurdistan Region and looks forward to investing in it as it witnesses economic development that breaks the limit. Zain Iraq was keen to be the first sponsor and participant of this vital Fair in order to present its products and services to exhibitors and companies. Zain pavilion has witnessed a huge visitation that corresponds with its being one of the pioneering telecoms companies in the Middle East.

This important Fair has availed a good opportunity to giant companies like Zain to show and exhibit its products in order to contain projects of economic development in Kurdistan. This is clear in the number of the participant countries from Europe, Asia, South America in addition to neighborly countries.