CMC Inaugurates the New Building of Zain Iraq Customer Care

CMC Inaugurates the New Building of Zain Iraq Customer Care

Zain Iraq hosted CMC to open the new building of the Customer Care inside the corporate facility. The CMC visit implies accountable monitoring of the corporate services rendered available to customers. And this visit was a good opportunity to know about the corporate procedures in handling the customers’ calls immediately.

During their visit, the CMC members confirmed the necessity of positively dealing with customers as CMC role involves monitoring companies work. They also pointed out that the number of employees of the customer care center should be as many as possible to enable customers to get services quickly. CMC also said that this center would promote people complaints processing as it has already opened a specialized center of its own to enhance Zain Iraq targets to this effect.

On his part, Dr. Haider Radhi, Technical Officer, welcomed this visit which precisely and transparently enhances cooperation between the company that abides by the regulations of the license and the CMC. Dr. Radhi said “ We consider international standards of all services we give and this necessitates updating our work procedures. However, Zain Iraq, since the outset, rendered available the best and most upgraded telecom services through its expertise in various markets. And it continuously works to invest in the corporate infrastructures that secure high-quality communications to maintain its pioneering position”.

Undoubtedly Zain Iraq strategy is based on understanding the customer who is at the focus of any service or product in order to achieve the expected standard of communication with the rest of the world. Accordingly, it deserves the number one network title in Iraq. Working on world standards, Zain Iraq secures service to %97 of Iraq population and maintains good mechanisms to respond quickly to customers’ queries wherever they are as it runs 3 call centers in Baghdad, Basrah, and Erbil which use 4 languages; Arabic, English, Kurdish, Turkumani and received around 20 million calls last year.

CMC members during their visit listened to some incoming calls from customers and watched how they were handled. They also know about the electronic processing of the follow-up mechanisms and shifts schedule along 24 hours a day, registration, electronic performance, immediate problem-solving continuously.

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