‎Zain Iraq opens the way for direct communication between Iraqi youth and TEDx Canada‎

‎Zain Iraq opens the way for direct communication between Iraqi youth and TEDx Canada‎

‎ Building bridges with global experiences and introducing youthful Iraqi energy.

‎ The plan and vision of Zain Iraq centers around paying full attention to Iraqi youth and developing their capacity and utilizing its expertise and energies to empower the youth, provide support and opportunities to them in a sustainable manner, and to provide them with everything they need to connect with the world.‎ ‎In this context, after its sponsorship of the TEDx Baghdad project for 2015, Zain Iraq hosted at its headquarters in Baghdad a group of young Iraqis and conducted a live transmission with TEDx Canada in order to build bridges with global experiences, present youthful Iraqi ideas to international attention, and to work towards giving effect to them.‎

‎ ‎The importance of these meetings lies in giving the opportunity to talented individuals to come onto a global platform and share their knowledge and ideas with the world and to meet with global speakers who have already achieved global achievements.‎ ‎The success of these talents will serve as an incentive to other talents.‎ ‎

‎ In this context, Mr. Haider EKab, Director of the Department of Corporate Communication and Public Relations at Zain Iraq, commented on this event by saying:‎ ‎“Zain Iraq believes in the youth and their role in building the future. It strives to support youthful energies through innovative communication methods that deepen the relationship with the Iraqi youth in accordance with an approach and a plan that are in line with the understanding and aspirations of the youth.‎ ‎The importance of direct communication with TEDx Canada (Vancouver) lies in providing an opportunity to the Iraqi youth to connect with the world and to present and exchange ideas, which allows for the identification of new opportunities to help them achieve their aspirations and transform their ideas into successful projects.”‎

‎ ‎The project for live broadcast of TEDx Baghdad and Vancouver 2016, under the sponsorship of Zain Iraq, achieved widespread success and was attended by nearly 100 youth - both males and females - where views were exchanged and where the enormous potential of Iraqi youth despite all the challenges they face was brought to light.