In support of culture and arts, Zain Iraq sponsors the 10th edition of the Arab Creativity Festival entitled ‘Creative artists shape life and make National Glory’

December 24, 2017

Zain Iraq- part of Zain Group the leading mobile telecom network provider in the MENA region- sponsored the 10th edition of the Arab Creativity Festival, organized by Oyoon for Arts and Culture entitled ‘Creative artists shape life and make National glory’ (called after the artist Fatima Al Rabiei). Held in Baghdad, the event gathered artists and media figures from Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Lebanon who shared their success stories.

This sponsorship stems from Zain Iraq belief in the role played by media and art to shape societies and spread a message of peace to the world. It also falls in line with Zain strategy of empowering Iraqi women, through highlighting their vital role and contributions in building society from many aspects. The event also focused on the importance of empowering women by providing the support they need in many industries, which helps them improve their positions, enabling them to achieve their goals.

During the festival, guests enjoyed a series of entertainment activities including performance from Iraqi folklore in celebration of the local culture. Innovation awards were also distributed to media and artists in recognition of their efforts and achievements throughout their careers.

This initiative is part of Zain Iraq continuous efforts to support Arts and media, being the intellectual elite of the Iraqi society. Zain Iraq recently donated 500 million Iraqi Dinar to support local drama production, and sponsored the International Media Conference in Baghdad in addition to other initiatives.