How To Find The Best Family Phone Plan For Your Needs

March 29, 2018


With 21st century technology, billions (almost five billion, according to estimates) of people use a phone, tablet or any mobile device. This is especially true for most modern families. In many households, all family members, even the youngest kids, have their own smartphones or have easy access to one.

If you also want to furnish everyone in your household a device for communication and other purposes, it would probably be in your best interest to enroll in one of the most recommended family phone and internet plans in your area. A lot of telecom companies in Iraq now offer these services as well as several choices in postpaid and prepaid plans that can address the needs of every family member.

Choosing the Best Plan for Your Family

Leading telecom company Zain Iraq consistently implements various changes to improve their call, text, and data services. We build and rebuild infrastructures with the aim of providing excellent coverage to satisfy the needs of all their customers.

With better and faster coverage comes the freedom to utilize data and other cellular services. Because of the plethora of choices in both prepaid and postpaid family bundles, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the available options.

To help you make the most informed choice, below are some questions to ask yourself when choosing the best phone plans for the whole family:

1. How many lines do you need?

The first thing to do is to identify how many in your household need a line. Most likely, you and your spouse will need one each plus your teenager. Is the youngest of your brood already old enough to have his own phone, much less his own line? Do you have extended family that might want to share a line with you as well? Some households also have helpers who must also be given a line for faster and more convenient communication as well. You need to consider this, too.


Count how many lines are necessary for you and your household to be able to communicate with each other especially in case of emergencies or when you need urgent information.

2. What are your needs?

Your kids, on the other hand, will be spending more time using their mobile devices to log on to the basic version of Facebook, Instagram, and other social media accounts or to play online. As such, they will need higher data allowance.

The bottom line is, when choosing a plan, make sure you know the needs of everyone that will be given a device or line. To ascertain this, you can ask each recipient of the line. The good news is that with most family phone plans or bundles, a household can share call minutes, number of text messages or data usage. There are different combinations offered by providers and some can allow you to mix and match the combos according to your needs.

3. What are the benefits?

The best phone plan for the whole family should offer these advantages:

  • Savings

    Having a phone plan can help in managing subscription costs. You can have a better hold on the amount that each member needs according to their call, text and data use. You will also be able to monitor usage efficiently and control overspending immediately if this issue crops up.

  • Security and monitoring

    For families with young children, especially teenagers, having a family plan can also be a good way to monitor data and cellular usage. Aside from having a healthy discussion on responsible cyber-use, parents can also be made aware of their kids’ data consumption as some companies send data usage alerts to the main subscribers (which are usually the parents).

  • Convenience

    The ideal plan should enable you to save you time in monitoring different accounts and paying for those accounts separately. Managing just one line for all is more convenient compared to having different lines from various providers.

  • Complimentary services.

    There are also providers that toss in some extra perks and freebies when you subscribe to them and get several lines for one family. At times, they can throw in free use of an app or service for a few months as part of their loyalty or retainer program.

When choosing the best phone plan for your family, it is important to look into what you and every member needs. Think about how everyone will use the given calls, texts and data allowance and when and how often they will be used. From there, you can do some calculations, set a budget, and find a phone and internet bundle that covers all the requirements and falls within your resources.

Make a more informed decision by discussing your needs with your chosen telecom provider. Aside from knowing the offering family bundles they may already have, you can also take a look at customized plans to ensure that you get everything you need and want for the monthly fee you will pay.

To know more about the prefect mobile phone solutions for your family, contact Zain Iraq customer service today.