Personality & Horoscope

Your horoscope is available now for you to get on your mobile every day from various renewable services within Zain.

  • The price listed is the price per page.
  • Some of these services may consist of a single page or more of the page.
  • The subscriber can cancel all subscription services mentioned are Free.
  • The subscription services are varied in terms of services consisting of text and content download services via the Internet.
  • Details of services and prices could change without prior notice.
Short Code رقم الخدمة Service Name اسم الخدمة Rate سعر الرسالة الواحدة ChargingType Service category
2338 ابراج 120 MT SMS Horoscope
3106 ابراج تطابق ابراج 120 MT SMS Horoscope
3972 أبراج 180 MT SMS Horoscope
4130 ابراج ومال 120 MT SMS Horoscope
4149 افلاك وارقام بالكردي 120 MT SMS Horoscope
4181 "خدمة توقعات الأبراج 120 MT SMS Horoscope
4247 ابراج ماغي فرح 240 MT SMS Horoscope
4820 الابراج والشريك 60 MT SMS Horoscope
4854 أبراج باللغة الكردية 120 MT SMS Horoscope
4874 برجك اليوم مع الحنين 120 MT SMS Horoscope
4898 افلاك وارقام 120 MT SMS Horoscope
90096014 اسرار الفلك 1200 IVR Horoscope
3498 أبراج 120 SMS/MT Horoscope
3727 تفسير الاحلام 120 MT SMS Horoscope