Facebook Flex

‎In line with Zain Iraq vision and strategy, which stresses the necessity of empowering the Iraqi youth, providing all innovative digital means and solutions in the telecommunications sector to keep in touch with the world, Zain Iraq is launching a basic free internet service via FreeBasics.com, in partnership with Facebook. The new service allows free use of Facebook, Facebook Messenger and a selection of notable and useful websites for Zain Iraq subscribers who will be also able to communicate with parents, relatives, and friends at any time through their mobiles and smart devices. ‎

The service (FreeBasics.com) means Facebook and Facebook Messenger free to all.‎

Through FreeBasics.com, you can use Facebook and Facebook Messenger as well as browse a selection of the most popular websites for information, news, etc. for free.‎

‎Service Details:‎

‎The subscribers can access FreeBasics.com or use the application (Free Basics app) using Android phones.‎

‎A free basic version of Facebook and Facebook Messenger will be available for browsing in addition to a select group of free websites:‎

Website ‎Link‎
‎Facebook/ Free data connection‎ Connect with family and friends
Messenger Send messages to friends and family
UNICEF Internet of Good Things ‎Connect intelligently:‎ ‎Explore the internet‎
UNICEF Facts for Life ‎Facts for Life:‎ ‎Search for information related to health‎
Girl Effect ‎Read articles and tips for girls‎
SmartWoman ‎Life skills, communication skills, balance of life/work, health & culture.
iLearn ‎Read about female success routes‎
Bing ‎Search for information‎
Wikipedia ‎Find information‎
WikiHow ‎Search for information‎
Wattpad ‎Read books‎
MoneyMatters ‎Learn how to manage your financial matters‎
SmartBusiness ‎Learn how to start your business‎
BBC Arabic ‎BBC Arabic‎
DW-Made for Minds ‎German International Radio Station‎
AccuWeather ‎Get updated weather information ‎
Refunite ‎Family reunion‎
Tambero ‎Get tools and information for farmers‎



‎This service is free‎

‎Offer usage:‎

‎Use Facebook (to post, keep up to date, chat through Messenger, like and share posts, etc.), free browsing on a select group of the most popular information and news websites.‎

‎How it works:‎

  • ‎ You can simply use the service by opening your mobile's browser and ‎ ‎typing freebasics.com. You will be able to use Facebook for free and browse a group of the most popular websites (health,‎ ‎education,‎ ‎information, and news)‎.
  • ‎Alternatively, you can download the application (Freebasics app) if you have an Android phone.‎ ‎The application comes with a free Facebook application and Facebook Messenger as well as a selection of free websites.‎

‎For full Internet service (including the full version of Facebook), you can subscribe to one of our online packages by dialing the free code *321#‎.

Alternatively, you can visit the link to browse all the details of online packages. ‎

‎This offer is available to all Zain Iraq subscribers.‎

This service is for local use.