For the 4th Time successively, Zain Iraq in Baghdad Int. Fair

November 11, 2015

In the light of its strategy to understand the customer who is the focus of any service, Zain Iraq, one of the operators of Zain Group, the telecoms pioneer in the Middle East and North Africa, participated in the 42nd session of BIF.

As an annual event, the 10-day BIF attracted around 500 local and international companies from 22 countries. Zain Iraq pavilion this year was enormously visited by thousands of people who were served well by Zain assigned employees. The company installed direct sales points to facilitate engagement with customers and accordingly many gifts were given to winners of corporate competitions that were highly enjoyed by visitors. Alamoudak and Zyara lines were specially owned by visitors due to the exceptional features and benefits they have.

In its press communique, the company confirmed that serving the Iraqi citizen innovatively is one of the targets of the company. Enabling the customer, the communique says, reflects the company’s model to apply a successful investment that needs the proper environment and procedure facilities to flourish. This certainly will impact the national economy and generates a good opportunity for Iraqi youth to develop.