For the 2nd Year, TEDx is sponsored by Zain Iraq, Youth Innovations Embraced

September 21, 2015

Successively for the second year, Zain Iraq, one of the operators of Zain Group, the telecoms pioneer in the Middle East and North Africa, embraced TEDx Baghdad 2015 on September 19. The event reflects Zain staunch belief in the Iraqi youth potentialities and anticipations.

TEDx Baghdad 2015 was notable for the high participation of youth and it was inaugurated by prime minister Dr. Haider Al Abadi whose address to the youth reflected the attention to be given to them for the benefit of the country. TEDx was considered accordingly a correct step towards embracing the small ventures of the young people.

Becoming an annual event, TEDx Baghdad aims at supporting the young talents and availing the opportunity to them to access the international platforms and acquaint themselves with world figures who have high standards of achievements.

TEDx Baghdad 2015 has involved a special initiative of projects that serve the local community. Certainly, the success of such talents will trigger other talents to show their contribution and will promote the position of Iraq.

Zain Iraq sponsorship this year corresponds to the strategy of the company that heavily attends the Iraqi youth initiatives, successes and investments.The company, worth saying, has already implemented a series of youth initiatives and trained youth to be in touch with the most updated regional and international modules in business. Hence it was an official sponsor of MIT in the Middle East and StarUp Weekend to encourage growing business. Meanwhile, the company continuously adheres to numerous youth activities alongside with its yearly hosting of university students for their graduation projects.

TEDx Baghdad 2015 held in Royal Tulip hotel was co-sponsored by Shell company.