Internet bundles (Daily, weekly, monthly)

Data bundles for roaming when traveling to most of the world destinations with the best and most suitable prices.

Offer type Bundle Price Subscription code
Daily 100 MB 5,000 IQD 1
Weekly 500 MB 20,000 IQD 3
2 Weeks 2 GB 45,000 IQD 4
Monthly 3 GB 65,000 IQD 5

Data bundles packages can be used in around 30 countries including most of the neighboring countries and many other countries

KSA (Zain and Al-Jawal “STC”), Turkey (Vodafone and Turk cell), Kuwait (Zain), Jordan (Zain), Egypt (Vodafone and Etisalat), Czech (Vodafone), UK (Vodafone), Netherlands (Vodafone), Germany (Vodafone), Romania (Vodafone), Italy (Vodafone), Spain (Vodafone), Ireland (Vodafone), Australia (Vodafone), Greece (Vodafone), Albania (Vodafone), Ghana (Vodafone), Malta (Vodafone), New Zealand (Vodafone), Malaysia (Digi), Hungary (Vodafone and Telenor), Portugal (Vodafone), Sweden (Telenor), Norway (Telenor), South Africa (Vodafone) and Oman (Omantel).


Send subscription code of your favorite offer in an SMS to 2050 or call the free number *225#

  • Data roaming bundles available for all Zain Iraq prepaid customers and postpaid customers that have roaming service already activated
  • To know the remaining free units, by sending an empty SMS to 2050 or calling the free number *225#
  • Customer can subscribe to more than one bundle at a time with (best of validity) technique (i.e. if customer subscribes in daily offer then subscribes in weekly offer, the priority in usage will be from the daily offer then it will switch to weekly one after the free units’ amount of Daily offer is fully consumed)
  • In case of un-subscription from any of bundles, customer will keep using the remaining free units until the end of offer validity
  • Daily offer will be automatically renewed @mid night (Baghdad Local Time) if sufficient credit is available and this is to continue for 7days then customer need to subscribe again in bundles in order to benefit from them. But in case there’s no sufficient credit available for renewal, the offer then will be cancelled and normal charges will apply.
  • Normal charging of roaming service will apply in case of offer ending or exceeding the capacity, therefore you can re-subscribe to any of the roaming offers again.