Customer Electronic Registration (MEFS)

Zain Iraq is one of the first companies to provide modern technologies in Iraq and the Middle East especially for the purpose of attaining optimal customer service. One of those prominent technologies that Zain Iraq has succeeded to provide is the Customer Electronic Registration (MEFS), which has been made available by Zain Iraq since 2015 in order to electronically authenticate the sale and registration of products for its subscribers.

The Customer Electronic Registration (MEFS) supports the digital authentication of the individual subscriber’s information. It utilizes modern technology to transfer and save an exact copy of the content of any authentication document. The service is characterized by impeccable speed and ease not to mention the secure line registration that ensures the privacy of each subscriber. The subscriber’s information is entered through a secure electronic system at the POSs and a picture is taken along with the subscriber’s fingerprint and signature. The whole process guarantees minimal effort and time from the customer’s side. The whole process is completely safe and ensures that all users’ information is kept private.

This new system has been adopted by the competent security and regulatory authorities to securely maintain subscribers’ information thus avoiding the need for a backup document, such as an identical hard copy. Zain Iraq is one of the first companies to support the Iraqi government’s plans towards establishing an e-governance system.