Zain Iraq has been always offering an indefinite number of interesting products and services which were received well by customers since they meet their growing needs.

Zain AlaModek Line

Without the subscription fee, A unified call price for all local networks, Free bonus credit upon recharge

Zeyarah line (Visitor's SIM Card)

Zain welcomes you in Iraq and presents you with Zeyara line (Visitor’s SIM Card). This line is the best choice for the visitor thanks to its suitable local & international price...

Zorbasha line

Talk in Kurdistan with lower price at any time.

Kolish Zain line

Talk with unified call price to anyone inside Iraq.

Zain Ahlna Line

Enjoy calls with the best price to Zain network (1 dinar per second) in addition to the most suitable price to other networks inside your city (Salah Al-Deen, Kirkuk, Nineveh an...

Besinoor line (Erbil and Duhok)

Enjoy the features of Besinoor (Erbil and Duhok). The best line in Kurdistan

Besinoor “Bela Hedod” line

Enjoy the features of Besinoor “Bela Hedod”... The best line in the markets

Other Lines

More about our wonderful Lines.

Zain Iraq New Recharge Cards

Zain Iraq new Recharge Card denominations of IQD 250, 500 &1000, give the flexibility to offer Minutes& Credit to be used within Zain network (On-net only).

How to get a line

Zain IQ welcomes the customers and offers to the different types of prepaid lines based on their needs and demands, so it is so easy to get a local number.

Conditions Of Prepaid Service Ownership

Know more about the conditions of Prepaid Service Ownership.