At the Month of Charity, Love & Partnership .. Zain Launches a Multi-Faceted Campaign to Support IDPs

June 18, 2015

Huge Joint Efforts Exerted with Ahlna Campaign, Red Crescent, Iraq Builders and Widows Center

A continuous partnership and cooperation of Zain Iraq with NGOs during Holy Ramadhan focuses in different ways on giving support to IDPs. The campaign continues for the 3rd week through the end of Ramadhan. Zain Iraq corporate policy which has signaled out special attention to the CSR activities as being an integral part of its strategy has encouraged signing cooperation and partnerships agreements with Charity organizations and NGOs to support IDPs, especially during Ramadhan.

Heading towards the social sustainable policy of Zain Group, Zain Iraq, being one of the pioneering Zain Group companies for telecoms in the Middle East and Africa, started distributing 2500 food packages on IDPs, fasting break of 4000 persons and distributing infant milk and other basics to meet the increasing needs. This initiative really completes the broad program of the Red Crescent efforts to support the IDPs in different locations of the country. Mr. Muhammed Al Khuza’ei , Acting Secretary General of the Red Crescent said “ Zain Iraq initiative in supporting the IDPs reflects the philanthropic side of the company and this project has been preceded by many other similar initiatives. We consider Zain Iraq as one of the main partners we deal with.”

On a different footing and in collaboration with Ahlna Campaign led by Iraqi artist Naseer Shamma, Zain Iraq participates financially to build pre-fab houses for IDPs. The finance support goes directly to the campaign fund to which a bank account was opened in different banks with the approval of the Central Bank of Iraq and the three presidium committees. Shamma commented on this cooperation “I feel proud to see huge institutions that serve people and this is a positive part that shows the significance of the NGOs in supporting the Iraqi people” Shamma also said “ when requesting partnership with Zain Iraq to build a huge camp named Ahlna they immediately agreed to the project which will house hundreds of IDP families. Zain pledged to build 100 pre-fab houses to reside 5 persons each. Thank you for Zain to be our partners in this sustainable initiative”.

However, Zain Iraq also collaborated with the Widows Center and Iraq Builders to furnish IDPs with health care and consultation in addition to providing children with toys.Towards this end, Dr. Haider Radhi, Deputy CEO of Zain Iraq said “ at the time we boast ourselves to broadly cooperate with NGOs, charities and Govt. institutions, we consider our support to build our country is part of our responsibility. In Holy Ramadhan when we adopted the slogan of (My Ramadhan is Yours also) we aimed to live it virtually against the current challenges in order to overcome them. We consider what we do a success story for coordinated efforts between Zain Iraq and its partners.”