As part of Zain Group initiative to empower and support women in the workplace Zain Iraq organizes a training workshop in Beirut for female employees in line with its commitment to empower wo

February 19, 2018

In line with its commitment to empower women as an integral component of the corporate culture- Zain Iraq, part of Zain Group- the leading mobile telecom network provider in MENA, organized a workshop in Beirut gathering over ten female employees with the aim to create balance in the workplace. In fact, gender equality is achieved through empowering women to play a leading role, providing them enough space to participate in the decision-making process, and sharpen their skills through training and development opportunities. Zain Group launched the Women Empowerment Initiative, taking tangible steps towards gender diversity in the workplace, supporting female employees by equipping them to act, lead, and succeed so they can have an active role in achieving the Group strategic objectives.

CEO of Zain Iraq, Ali Al-Zahid pointed to the fact that: “Women account for 50% of Iraq population; hence the importance of their contribution to the workplace to reach a balance by providing equal opportunities. The talent and creativity women bring to the table complement men’s role, contributing thus to implement tasks more efficiently and achieve sustainable progress for the organization as a whole. Based on these facts, a company cannot be considered as being progressive if it doesn’t embrace these principles, and takes tangible measures to empower women. In line with this direction, we are initiating today this training workshop as part of a long-term plan that includes actual support system designed to develop and empower women within a roadmap that can measure their achieved progress in order to advance their careers”.

The first session was about “Championing Gender Diversity in the workplace”, empowering women to play an active role in developing and leading the company towards achieving its strategic objectives. The session was moderated by Tanya Awad Ghorra, who took attendees through an engaging experience using a series of exercises that allowed them to identify their challenges, discuss them and come up with solutions and positive approaches. She also built the capacity of participants to understand their needs as women and human beings, their values as key contributors to the society and to realize the importance of building self-confidence to perform better in life and mostly at work. Tanya is a conflict management and mediation trainer using the methods of non-violent communication as she has done training workshops all over Lebanon and the Middle East around gender diversity. She is also a well-known TV presenter.

"Women account for 31% of Zain Iraq's workforce with only 15% in leadership positions”, said Maysam Al Hayali, Human Resources Director Zain Iraq. ”This training workshop aims at sharpening the skills of our female colleagues, build their capacities, advance their career in addition to rewarding star performers, providing them the opportunity to take leadership positions, activating their prominent and influential role in the community and the workplace alike. This will promote economic development as we, at Zain Iraq, believe in equal opportunities and translate our belief into tangible measures”, she added.

The second session focused on "Women Entrepreneurship” and aimed at building the capacity of participants to understand how to explore their hidden entrepreneurial potential, their role in the society and the economy, how to build their skills, knowledge and adaptability to run a business successfully. The session was moderated by the serial tech entrepreneur Layal Jebran, the CEO and Co-founder of Moubarmij- an online platform that teaches programming via Arabic video tutorials. She is also a Community Leader for Tech-stars Programs from Startup Weekend Beirut & Startup Digest Beirut. She is among the few Lebanese Female Entrepreneurs who has been able to create ripples with her work.

Organizing the “Women Empowerment” workshop is another proof of Zain relentless efforts to provide equal opportunities to men and women alike at the workplace, supporting every initiative that could enhance the work environment for women inside Zain. In addition to the annual implementation plan for this initiative to achieve its objectives, the Women Empowerment Initiative will also look to promote economic development through female entrepreneurship that will help drive local economies in Iraq and the countries in which Zain Group operates. The program will also support education of young women, and is set to develop a comprehensive media campaign that showcases Zain’s consistent support and involvement in empowering women that aligns with its 2020 vision and with the Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations, especially the fifth article on gender equality.