Altibbi Service

Enjoy "Altibbi" Service for the first time in Iraq. Altibbi is the largest Arabic platform that offers online medical services in the Middle East region and Iraq including thousands of doctors available 24/7 to answer customer's questions. The customer only needs to send his question via Altibbi app and shall receive a call from the doctor within minutes to provide him with the best medical advice.

Service Details:

  • App is available for free on (App store & Google Play)
  • Subscription will be through the app by selecting "Payment by Zain credit" and then entering Zain line number.
  • Confirmation SMS will be received containing PIN code, please to enter the PIN code in the required PIN space in the app or website and enjoy the features of the app accordingly.
  • Customer will be able to ask for any medical advice by writing a brief and select "call Doctor" and he shall receive a call from an expert doctor to provide him with the best advice
  • Subscription Price is 1000 Dinars per Month.
  • Service is available for all Zain Iraq prepaid lines users.
  • To unsubscribe send unsub 8 to 4064.

You can download the Application from the links below:



This service is for medical awareness, Zain company doesn't sustain any responsibility for the medical advice provided.

For more information please call customer service on the number 107.