The most frequent questions on 3.9G service

The 1G provides voice calls, 2G provides SMSs, internet, and MMS. 3.9G provides high speed internet, audio-visual calls and many other services.
It is the most updated potential within 3.9G service that represents high speed internet.
The new or the smart devices all support this service.
Yes Zain SIM supports this service.
It is the audio-visual call. And there are two kinds of the video calls, 1st is the regular audio-visual call which is available on some devices and is calculated in seconds and it needs 3.9G activation and presence of 3G coverage provided that both the caller's and receiver's phones support this video call. The 2nd is the one that is done through the apps on phone such as Facetime,Viber and Skype among others. This kind is connected with the bundle of the internet used, that is measured in data units.
The service is free and spontaneously added when subscribing to the internet offers. As for the current internet subscribers, the 3.9G service will be added to them upon the 3.9G launch. Also any subscriber can activate the service any time by calling the free line *321# and choose the 3.9G and follow instructions.
A great news. Cost is reduced according to the internet usage up to %50 to become IQD 6 per 10KB for the pre and postpaid lines.
Pre paid subscribers can activate and stop the regular usage of the internet by calling the free number *321# and choose "cost according to usage" and follow instructions. When start using internet without the pre paid offers (the regular usage and cost according to usage), a message is received by the subscriber upon spending IQD 600 and a second message upon reaching the maximum daily limit which is IQD 1200. Here internet regular usage will be automatically stopped for the day in order to keep the subscriber's credit.
Through one number the subscriber can discover the 3.9G world and easily manage the main needs directly by calling the free number *321# where a menu with many parts shows the following:
  • The internet offers: various internet bundles are shown for the subscriber to be informed of the offers details, ways of subscription and cancellation.
  • Internet credit: the subscriber is able to know the remaining credit of the bundle he uses.
  • Cost per usage: it manages the subscriber to activate and cancel the "pay per usage" (regular internet deduction).
  • 3.9G service: to activate and cancel the 3.9G service.
  • Phone setting: the subscriber can get the setting of the internet and MMS.
  • Language: to change language and menu, there are three languages (Arabic, English and Kurdish).