12 Helpful Mobile Apps To Make Your Life Easier Now

April 24, 2018



Smartphones have made communication easier, faster and more convenient. And with the introduction of various apps, the mobile phone has been transformed into a device that does not merely facilitate communication. It is now a complete device that you can use and rely on for various purposes.

Aside from downloading all the Zain apps you need, there are several others that you should have on your phone that will make your life easier and more fun:


Productivity apps are designed to help you do your work even while you’re out of the office or doing other important things while on-the-go or have some free time on your hands.

1. Evernote

With this app, you can organize your personal and work or business-related projects. You can create to-do lists, save and send attachments. Its timeline feature will also allow you to keep track of your projects’ progress from start to end.

This app also allows you to use your phone camera to scan, digitize, organize and save documents such as paper receipts, handwritten notes, business cards and sketches.

2. ForestApp

If you want to know how productive you have been during the day and every week, download this app. Forest encourages you to stop playing with, and wasting time on your phone.

You simply set the number of minutes you don’t want to be disturbed and lay your phone down. During this period, you cannot answer calls, reply to text messages or chats, or surf the net on your phone.

If you stick to your tasks at hand without being distracted by your phone, you grow a tree. The more focused and productive you are, the more trees you’ll grow. You will soon have a forest of trees – proof of how productive you have been in the past weeks.

Apps for the Family

Certain apps also help bring the family closer together, keep them safe, and ensure that no one is left behind in terms of plan, activities, to-dos and events.

3. Cozi Family Organizer

This app works as a shared organizing tool that every member of the family can have access to. With the calendar, parents can keep track of their kids’ schedules. Anyone can also set schedules and reminders to ensure no one is late for an important event.

The app also has a shared to-do and shopping lists. As such, your child can add a box of milk to the grocery shopping list even if he is not with you. You can also make sure everyone is doing their household chores for the day by checking the to-do list.

4. Life360

Life360 is a tracking and communication app for your family. By using this tool, family members will be able to see the current location of the other members via GPS. You can also set up location boundaries on this app. When a child crosses a boundary, you will receive a notification and take the necessary action.

You can also use this app to send private messages or broadcast messages to the whole family.

Health and Fitness Apps

With the right apps, you can also use your smartphone as your health and fitness coach.

5. Fitness Buddy

This fitness tracking app works as your personal trainer. To start, enter your body stats and select from beginner, intermediate, and advanced programs so that you can achieve your fitness goals.

You will then have access to thousands of videos, photos, and animations which you can use in your daily or weekly workout routines. You can also monitor your metrics and progress using this app as well.

6. My Fitness Pal

Make sure you have the right diet that will help you have a healthier and fitter body. The My Fitness Pal app can help you with this.

By scanning the barcode on a food or beverage packaging, you will know how many calories the item contains and other must-know nutritional info. It’s an effective tool for reducing your tendency to overeating and overindulge which may have been causing you to gain weight.


Make your out-of-town or overseas jaunts less stressful and more enjoyable with these apps.

7. Skyscanner

Use this app to find the most affordable and best options in terms of flights, hotels, rental cars, and anything else you need for a stress-free and pleasant trip. This app searches for options which are suitable to your budget, schedule, and other terms via its travel partners.

With this tool, you will be able to see the cheapest dates to fly through a per month view calendar. You will also get alerts when prices change.

8. TripIt

This app can help you organize your local and overseas trips. It lets you create an itinerary that will cover details about your hotel, flight, car rental, and meetings if you’re on a business or corporate trip.

TripIt also automatically syncs with Apple, Outlook, and Google calendars thereby allowing you to view your schedule and documents online and offline.


Turn your phone into an entertainment hub for endless hours of fun with the right apps.

9. Spotify

If you’re an audiophile, you need to have this app on your phone. With Spotify, you can create your own library of over 3,000 tracks you can to listen to offline. It also has a search tool that makes it easier to browse artists.

10. Marvin

Read your favorite books anywhere and anytime using Marvin. This app is a handy eBook reader.

With this app, you can select background and font colors. It also helps you discover interesting facts about a book’s author, characters, history, etc. Additionally, Marvin will sort your books by title, author, series, serial number, date changed or read for faster and easier perusal.

Photo Apps

Since smartphones double as cameras today, make sure you take the best selfies and photos with these apps:

11. Instagram

Undoubtedly the most popular photo-sharing app today, Instagram has also revolutionized the way people take photos with their smartphones.

The app comes with amazing photo filters. Its Twitter-style feed of photos lets you follow other users, too.

12. ProShot

If you want to improve your photography skills, make sure you have this app. It allows you to access advanced features that will help you to adjust focus and light during shooting.

In addition, you can make adjustments in real time and improve the quality of your photos.

Get the most out of your Zain postpaid line and download these apps now to have a completely powerful and reliable smartphone!