‎Zain Iraq contributes to the construction of 104 shelters to accommodate Iraqi families displaced in “Ahlna” camps

March 19, 2016

Since the first day of the start of the displacement of Iraqi families, Zain Iraq has considered this great tragedy that befell those who had been at home with their children and had been forced to leave everything and go toward unknown life to be the responsibility of everyone who has the potential, capacity and resources to help and support them to secure a decent life until they return to their homes.‎ ‎For this purpose, Zain Iraq, a company of Zain group, the leading group in telecommunications and mobile data services in the Middle East and North Africa, has outfitted “Ahlna” camps for the displaced in Ghazaliya district of Baghdad and Al Salam in Al Doura through the construction of 104 ready-made housing units according to the latest specifications, in cooperation with Ahlna Association, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees Foundation "UNHCR" and the ECHO organization to save the refugees.‎

‎ ‎ “Ahlna” camps will accommodate five hundred families and Zain Iraq has outfitted the first 104 shelters in such a way that allows to move them from one place to another and every shelter can accommodate a family of five members.‎ ‎The camp was built on a plot of land provided by the province of Baghdad.‎

‎ ‎The ceremony to launch this project was attended by the organizer of “Ahlna” campaign for the relief of refugees, musician Naseer Shamma, representatives of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees "UNHCR", Zain Iraq and a number of civil and civic associations and people of the media and press.‎

‎ ‎In his comment on this project, Haider Aqqab, Corporate Communications and Public Relations Manager at Zain Iraq, said:”‎ ‎Zain Iraq is proud to be part of “Ahlna” campaign for the relief of the displaced. The company considers supporting this campaign and similar campaigns to be its duty. ‎ ‎As part of its social responsibility, Zain Iraq considers itself part of the community and is keen to provide all means of support for the advancement of society and its development and contribute to solving the humanitarian and social issues”.‎

‎ ‎For his part, musician Naseer Shamma, organizer of “Ahlna” campaign for the relief of refugees, valued this constructive and important cooperation with Zain Iraq which led to the establishment of these two camps and equipped them with 104 integrated shelters according to the latest specifications.‎ ‎During the ceremony, Shamma explained in detail the project of the construction of both camps and the mode of action followed.‎ ‎He wished to continue cooperation with Zain Iraq to provide all the support needed to displaced people in this difficult phase through which Iraq passes.‎