Technical reports carried by joint inspection committees revealed Unlicensed Jamming devices spread across Iraq

January 17, 2019
  • Non-compliant jamming devices are being increasingly purchased and installed with without the approval of CMC.
  • Certified field scans and technical tests revealed the distribution of jamming devices across Iraq.
  • Warning against the impact of these devices on general health and wireless telecommunication frequencies has been flagged.

Baghdad, January 2019

Joint inspection committees headed by CMC and Zain Iraq conducted field scans followed by issuing technical reports which revealed the spread of frequency jamming and blocking devices from unknown sources, sold and installed across Baghdad and the rest of Iraq governorates.


Zain Iraq handed out all technical and in-kind evidence supported with pictures of jamming devices installed in various locations including schools, universities, kindergartens, secure areas and security companies’ cars. The evidence was confirmed by the reports issued by technical committees headed by CMC proving the negative impact of jammers on the service quality and the health risks on the public at large. These devices are produced by unknown parties and are not compliant with the international technical and environmental standards -accredited by global telecommunication giants as Ericsson, Huawei, Nokia among others.


The reports also revealed that these jamming devices are not certified and are illegally availed in the Iraqi market without regulatory, security or healthcare approvals. The devices also interact, jam and often block wireless communication networks, including mobile phones, which affects Zain Iraq 16 million subscribers across Iraq governorates.


The report also highlighted that “The most alarming effect of using these jamming devices is their impact on other electronic devices, including medical devices such as pacemakers, computers and other daily-use devices that require wireless signals to operate”.


Zain Iraq required from concerned authorities to enforce legal restrictions that limit the spread of jamming devices, remove the currently installed ones and ban their import and sales in the local market. These measures will limit the negative impact on public health and the quality of services. Zain reserves its legal rights in case any violation of laws and regulations was reported.