Zain Iraq has been always offering an indefinite number of interesting products and services which were received well by customers since they meet their growing needs.

“Kolish Zain” plan

With “Kolish Zain” line now you can talk with flat call rate to any one inside Iraq.

”Kolish Zain” Line advantages:

  • Flat rate calls to Zain network & to any local network inside Iraq with a premium price of IQD 1.25 /Sec only.
  • Free Bonus credit of IQD 1500 (You will get it after first top up).
  • Get 100 free local SMS within Zain to be enjoyed for the first month.
  • Free 50MB for GPRS usage after topping up with IQD 5000 or more, for subscription send 7 to 21777 (your device should support GPRS service)
  • Free subscription to a package of entertainment services valid for one month upon subscription.

* These offers are available for a limited period.

Inside City *
Calls to Zain & other local network inside Iraq IQD 1.25 / Sec (24hours)

* Discounted prices applied for the governorates: Mosul,Kirkuk & Salah Al-Din .

Outside City
Calls to Zain Lines IQD 2 /Sec (24hours)
Calls to other Local networks & Fixed Lines IQD 3.9 /Sec (24hours)

Other Services Prices
SMS to Zain Lines IQD25 /SMS (8:00 AM - 12:00 AM)
IQD12 /SMS (12:00 AM - 8:00 AM)
SMS to other Local networks IQD 40 /SMS
International Calls Start at IQD 295 /Min
International SMS IQD 150 /SMS
GPRS service IQD 12 / 10 KB
Local MMS IQD 120 /MMS
International MMS IQD 300 /MMS

For more details please call contact center on 107 or visit one Zain’s main shops.

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