Roaming Services

Zain Iraq provides International Roaming service to all mobile customers while travelling outside Iraq. We have Roaming services with 394 operators and 138 countries and this number will increase continuously.

Prepaid Roaming

1) Prepaid Roaming for Zain Iraq customers

International Roaming is readily available for all prepaid lines by default at no additional fees. As a prepaid Customer, no further action is required prior to travel.

Whilst traveling you can:

  • Receive calls from any destination in the world
  • Make calls to any destination in the world under the following networks:
    Select the visited country             

    Note: Under the networks not mentioned in the above selection, you can roam and receive calls as well as sending and receiving SMS.

  • Send and receive messages with any destination in the world.
  • Receive SMS with no charge.
  • Access to balance inquiry and recharge while roaming.

For detailed prices, please follow this link

  • Balance Enquiry

    Dial *100# then OK or CALL.

  • To recharge your account

    Dial *101# then enter the 16 digits scratch card number then # then OK or CALL.


2) Prepaid Roaming for visitors under Zain Iraq network:

Prepaid customers can roam inside Zain Iraq network.

Check your ability to roam under zain Iraq from the following selection

Select your country            

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