Zain Iraq has been always offering an indefinite number of interesting products and services which were received well by customers since they meet their growing needs.

Zain Voice Mail Service

Zain Voice mail is a recording system that allows the caller to record a voice message if the customer is busy with another call, can’t answer phone calls, or if the phone is switched off. In addition voicemail subscribers can record a reminder call & set-up a wakeup call.

The Following Zain VMS options are available:

  • All incoming calls will automatically be diverted to customer's VMS.
  • When customer line is busy, incoming calls will be diverted to VMS.
  • When customer cannot answer his/her phone, incoming calls will be diverted to VMS.
  • When customer's phone is switched off, or outside the coverage area, incoming calls will be diverted to VMS.
  • For the first time in Iraq , Zain voice mail service users can set-up alarm & record wakeup call.

To choose any of the above VMS options the customer has to set the call divert option on his/her mobile to the following: +9647802999977 . Call divert option can be reset at any time.

Once a caller has left a message on customer's voice mail box, then customer will be notified of this by an SMS.

How to activate Zain voicemail service:

To start using Zain VMS or to listen to your messages, call 217 and follow the instruction. Call charges for 217 are 45 IQD/minute.

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